Plan and organise your research data management

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Funders are increasingly requiring grant applicants to submit data management plans (DMPs) with their grant proposals, in an effort to promote data sharing and responsible stewardship of data by researchers. A DMP systematically describes how to handle research data created in projects.

RDMO supports the structured planning, implementation and control of data management in a scientific project. The information collected can ultimately be output in text form for requests from funders (DMPs) or for reports.

Therefore, exemplarily, the following questions have to be adressed:

  • What types of data are created and used in the project?
  • Which data must be archived after the end of the project?
  • How long should the data be archived?
  • Are standards used for the types of data and associated metadata?
  • Who is responsible for the keywording with metadata?
  • Who may use the data after the end of the project and under which license policies?

Additional guidance on what should go into a DMP can be found on the websites for research data management at the University of Bayreuth.

If you have any questions about using the system, visit the information page on RDMO with tutorial section on the website of the Research Data Management Group of the University of Bayreuth, feel free to contact us directly or write an email to its-fdm@uni-bayreuth.de .

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